CrossFit Kovu training is an hour-long group session. This hour consists of a warmup followed by a strength and conditioning session. CrossFit Kovu sessions are both fun and challenging focusing on cardio, weightlifting, and functional movements. The workouts are always different and the community is the best!

What to Expect

The foundation of our CrossFit program is movements used in every day life i.e. Squats, Pressing, Pulling load from the ground. Each class starts with a coach led warm up and a brief description of the Workout of the Day. Our coaches pride themselves running fun classes in a safe environment. Classes will incorporate strength and skill training. Coaches will teach you how to properly perform a skill then run you through a series of drills to fine tune the skill. A conditioning session will fill the strength / skill session. In these conditions sessions is where we see large improvements of our fitness. a condition session can be a high intensity 5-10 minute workouts or a longer 25-40 minute session. Our workouts are constantly varied. We build well rounded athletes that are prepared for whatever physical challenge life throws their way. Our CrossFit class is the solution for those who get bored of the same workout or those who have no idea what to do in the gym. Come let the CrossFit Kovu coaches guide you through a fun workout that will give you the results you are looking for.